Power Washing 101

What is Power Washing?

Great question. First let’s explain the difference between “power washing” and “pressure washing” – these terms are sometimes used interchangeably – but they’re really very different services. Both use highly pressurized water sprayed through a variety of nozzles to handle different cleaning projects and surfaces. Both may use chemical cleaning solutions to achieve different kinds of clean.  But power washing adds one critical element – heat. Here at Top Gun, our commercial grade equipment allows us to do low or high pressure cleaning with hot or cold water, giving us the ability to meet your specific needs.

Get Results

Whether you call us with a residential or commercial job, we have the tools and experience to get the job done. You may be looking to:

  • Remove loose paint before a painting project
  • Clean dirt stuck in your concrete driveway or walkway
  • Restore your windows, roof or gutters to their original clean
  • Get your deck or patio ready for summer gatherings

With a variety of nozzles and different pressure points for our machines, we can perform an in-depth cleanse or a soft cleanse depending on the result you’re looking for. We can customize our blend of biodegradable cleaning chemicals for any surface – from gates to gutters – to give you the curb appeal your home deserves. With the right mix and the right pressure of water, your home will end up looking better than new!

Best of all, our services are FAST. You give us the detailed instructions for your home or business and we’re on it – efficient, effective and then out of your hair.

Trust the Pros

We work with a lot of customers who tried their hand at pressure washing their own homes. Besides being exhausted and dirty after a long day, many DIY pressure washers actually end up creating more problems than they solve. Incorrect chemical mixtures can cause damage to your paint, deck stain and roof shingles. Amateur handling of the power washing machine can lead to serious injuries for both the person operating the machine and anyone else standing “in the line of fire.” Specific nozzles come with accurate warnings and can be extremely dangerous if mishandled. Basically, it’s easier, safer and saves money to leave the power washing to the professionals. 

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